Our expertise

J&S Preclinical Solutions support your preclinical drug development programs.

We can assist you with designing, executing and reporting your preclinical pharmacology studies and toxicology studies. We strongly believe that the integration of toxicology and pharmacology readouts early in the development program is an asset that will strengthen and accelerate your drug development.

J&S Preclinical helps small and mid-size biotech companies to bring their program to the clinic from proof of concept study to GLP toxicology study and preparation of the regulatory dossiers.

We can think outside of the box: Every program is unique and we like to bring the most appropriate solution for every problems encountered.

If your program requires expertise that we do not posses, we can help you get in contact with other specialists from our network.

Tell us more about your program.

We can for instance assist you with the following services.

  • design and implementation of a fit-for-purpose preclinical drug development plan
  • design of preclinical studies
    • Proof of concept
    • pharmakokinetic
    • PK-PD
    • non-clinical toxicology and safety
  • support in executing or outsourcing preclinical studies and choice of CROs
  • monitor outsourced studies
  • review of the study reports provided by the CRO
  • prediction of safe starting dose in First-In-Human clinical trials
  • support MABEL approach and PKPD model development
  • evaluation of preclinical dossiers